Teamwork is a SaaS (software as a service) solution that offers a full suite of tools and services to improve your overall business operations.

Teamwork offers project management, communication, CRM and team collaboration tools. Teamwork suite also integrates with many other online platforms and offers further flexibility with their API and custom development so your business can improve its workflows by utilising some automation, analytics and reporting.

Teamwork Projects


Our Teamwork services

YMtech is a certified Teamwork expert based in Melbourne and provides consulting services across Australia. We can offer you a packaged service to suit your team and business needs.


Staff & executive TRAINING

We provide on-site and online training for both executives and staff members. Out training plans include structured approach that is aimed and targeted according to the role and responsibility in the business.

Every role will use Teamwork differently, for example: an executive might look more into receiving analytical data and reporting while the staff will aim to improve their productivity and operations.



Using Teamwork can be easily achieved using training but companies often search for a transformation process. 

We can provide an expert advice on how to translate your current business workflows and processes into Teamwork processes. We can assist you building those templates and get the best value out of Teamwork. 



We can provide you with the right level of support following your training or consulting session to make sure that the implementation stage goes smooth as planned. 

We can also be part of your system by having access to your Teamwork site, having the required level of visibility. This will give us the ability to work with you on your projects.


integration & DEVELOPMENT

Teamwork offers a lot of functionality out of the box but if you are looking for the extra functionality and further automation then we can help.

YMtech has been utilising the Teamwork API and other integration tools to create a custom functionality for our clients. 



Some of our clients 

Yuri from YMtech has consulted for ecoMaster to help us setup Teamwork effectively. It is one thing learning a software system, but it is an entirely different matter to get the MOST out of a software system. Yuri’s knowledge of Teamwork is quite extraordinary. It was a highly worthwhile investment in time and money.
— Lyn Beinat - CEO | ecoMaster (Energy & Thermal Efficiency)
Yuri from YMtech was instrumental in embedding project management technology across Dorel Australia. Yuri partnered with us, in what was significant change management, tech/process and education implementation within a complex organisation; and we are thrilled with the outcome.
— Marcus Underwood - Head of Marketing & Consumer Engagement APAC | Dorel
YMtech came into our office and was able to successfully learn our current processes and limitations (in a very quick timeline) and begin setting up our move to Teamwork. They got us both setup online and ran tutorials to help train all our staff. Furthermore, they were extremely responsive and involved to give users with elevated requirements the knowledge they needed to lead their respective teams through the change. I was an elevated user (one of the main internal educators) and their proactivity and efficiency was fantastic.
YMtech’s care, involvement and responsiveness were exceptional. They fulfilled their requirements but helped to reduce the pain points of change.
— Robert Thomas- CRS Product Development Manager | Dorel