YMtech have been providing network services to businesses across Australia since 2010. We use the latest technologies that guarantee the highest performance, reliability and security. We can help with planning, installation, site survey and testing. We also offer cabling services by an ACRS master cabler

We offer both traditional network installations and wireless network solutions or a combination of the two, depends on your business requirements. 

Network Setup

Traditional Network

The most commonly used today in businesses is the hardwired network. We install the latest equipment to support a high speed network and storage needs. We can provide the required redundancy to meet your business availability targets as well as the required throughput to match the performance.

Having fast, reliable and secure network impacts your backup strategy, data availability and overall business productivity.


  • 1\10\40 GbE networks
  • POE(power over Ethernet) networks
  • Fibre optic networks
  • Virtual and cloud based networks
  • HA (high availability)

We install and manage switches, routers, modems, VPN gateways and firewalls.


Wireless networks

Wireless technology has really improved over the years and lots of us still having issues with it. Slow connection, dropouts, bad reception, low security, buffering, migration issues, repeater issues and more.

As the industry leans towards mobile and tablet devices, wireless became a mission critical component in every business network. Whether it's a multi-floor building or big area single floor, today's wireless solutions are perfectly capable of providing you with a cable like performance while giving you the benefits of wireless communication. 

YMtech can offer you a full wireless solution for your business to accommodate your needs and to allow you the extra flexibility of being truly wireless to utilise your mobile devices and laptops.  

Wireless Office

Wireless throughput improved more than a hundred times in the last 20 years. The range has doubled. The security improved beyond comparison.

Wireless Advantages

  • Increased mobility and collaboration - you can roam without losing connection
  • Easier to install - less cables, less mess and movements of end user devices becomes a breeze 
  • Better access to information - connect hard-to-reach areas
  • Easier network expansion - add users becomes simple, expansion of the network doesn't require new cables to be installed
  • Enhanced guest access - give secure network access to customers and business partners



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The YMtech team is a great help to our business. They are always very helpful & speedy in their response.
— Michelle Poke - Director | Global Valve & Fittings
When we were broken into and computer stolen from our business Yuri was first person we called. Yuri and his team had our office and workshop up and running within 24 hours. Amazing service and knowledge. Thanks Yuri.
— Mick McGrath - Managing Director | Signarama Footscray