As cyber security becomes one of the main concerns and challenges for organisation of all sizes, YMtech has partnered with an industry leading password and credential management solution Myki to provide an advanced level of security for our clients. This solution guarantees to all our clients credentials are in safe hands and their privacy is assured.

We provide consulting, training and integration services to help your organisation with the implementation of this solution.


Myki is a leading solution in the password management landscape providing unprecedented levels of security and state-of-the-art user experience. It provides the security of an offline solution with the convenience of the cloud based solution. Myki stores passwords, 2FA, payment details, secure notes, ID’s, identities and much more all in one single solution.


Advanced Enterprise Features


Secure sharing: share your password with your colleagues or clients in a secure way, no more notes and passwords over an email


Tailored for Organizations (users, groups, folders, custom categories): organise your valuable data the way you want keeping a logical and understandable structure. You can also create your own categories and folders for even further customisation.


Seamless Onboarding/Offboarding: If you are using an existing password management tool, you can easily import your existing data. You can also export your data if you even need to.


Customised Security Policies: create time or IP or even location based policies to protect your organisation and control your access levels. These policies can apply to your users mobile devices as well as desktops and laptops.


Easy-to-Access Audit Logs & Analytics: get all your reporting in one place. You can audit your organisation access, get insights and other useful analytics. You can also manage your password security in one place revealing info like where are your weak passwords, reused passwords or old passwords that should be updated.


solution for MSP’s

Myki password manager also caters for MSP’s so they can manage all their clients credentials in a safe and secure way while seamlessly allowing full access to the relevant parties and stakeholders. As an MSP you will have access to the following features:


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