We solve your IT challenges


YMtech is an IT consulting and service provider company, but we're not just an IT company. We're a company that believes in the individual, and we specialise in offering the best advice there is to support your business and employees. We love to work with clients who share our business values: professionalismflexibility, and organisation.



"Your Employees are The Business"

We believe the success to your business lies with your employees, not a physical building, office or even your technology. We offer user training to empower your employees and help them to utilise our solutions to its full potential. We can help your business to choose, integrate and operate the latest business solutions and improve the communications within your teams. 



This option is used to establish an online meeting. No installation is required. Subject to invitation.
This option is used to download and install an agent on your computer. Mostly used for on-going clients
This option is used to allow us a remote access to your computer. No installation is required. You will need to provide us your ID and password after the download