We are rolling out a 10GB Fibre network

We are in a process of rolling out a super fast 10GB network for a business centre in Melbourne. This will unlock some great benefits for our clients and will allow us to eliminate any chance of bottlenecks in years to come.

Will this be an overkill? 

Yes, at this point it will, but we always plan long-term as technology is moving fast. 10GB networks will soon to become a standard. On top of that, the speed limit is controlled by the end user equipment on the termination points so no need to plan for the next upgrade any time soon while the costs remain the same as most of the network appliances today support SPF+ modules that can deliver 10GB network over fibre.

Some of the unlocked potential includes:

  • Less traffic shaping for the users on the local network
  • More content streaming options
  • High traffic data and analytics
  • More flexible backup strategies