Personal Story - Mauro Garcia

This week, the focus is on our people delivering their personal story. We want our clients to know us, not only the work we do. So here's Mauro's story:

"I was born in Santa Fe, Argentina in 1987. Raised in a very small village called Monte Vera of 2000 people population at that time.
I got interested in IT at the early age of 8. I will never forget the day my parents brought me the very first computer, that was one of the happiest days of my life.
Because I was living in a very small village, we were the first residents who were lucky to have an Internet connection (back at that time, many people in the village didn’t even know what Internet was).
Growing up, I kept learning IT together with the English language. I must mention, I was lucky to have my mother being an English teacher. I also picked up quite a lot of English skills by repetitively watching the same cartoons my mother used to show her students. 
Learning IT became my mainstream as I grew up. Starting my first international IT course at the age of 16, I was the youngest student in the whole classroom. Later, I’ve graduated and got my bachelor’s degree in IT, I felt that I was ready for something bigger.
I have decided to quit my government IT job after 4 years of service, sell my motorbike, move to Australia and keep travelling around the world. Taking my very first overseas plane on my own, I finally arrived at Sydney in December 2014 with empty pockets but full of dreams.
Through an internship program, I got an opportunity to join YMtech in May 2015. After a few months of training, I became a full-time employee. Today, as YMtech keeps on growing I get the chance to enhance my technical and leadership skills by working with high profile clients and using the latest technologies and solutions."

Mauro Garcia

I’m feeling lucky to do what I wanted, where I wanted."