Building the Ultimate Music Server with QNAP and Roon

A Lucid Sonic Experience for All Hi-Fi Enthusiasts

Everything you ever wanted in a music server is here with Roon. Navigate your music in a truly unique way, with easy access to concert dates, artist bios, lyrics, and more. And with your QNAP NAS, you now have a solid storage solution providing you the CPU power and flexible storage capacity necessary for a Roon server.

The Power You Need for Your Roon Server

QNAP offers a wide variety of NAS models with powerful CPUs capable of running Roon smoothly and effortlessly. Designed to stay running 24/7, QNAP serves as a convenient solution to host your Roon core for on demand access.

But first and foremost, QNAP provides you safe and dependable storage to safeguard your music collection from unforeseen data loss.

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