QNAP Completes its 9-bay NAS Lineup

QNAP Completes its 9-bay NAS Lineup

Following the releases of the TS-932X (powered by an Annapurna Labs CPU) and the TS-963X (powered by an AMD CPU), QNAP® Systems, Inc. today completes the high-capacity-compact-size 9-bay NAS lineup with the introduction of the TVS-951X 10GbE multimedia NAS.

QNAP Strengthens Secure Networking with pfSense

QNAP Strengthens Secure Networking with pfSense

QNAP® Systems, Inc. has collaborated with Netgate®, the world’s leading provider of open-source firewalls and security gateways, to announce a joint solution of implementing pfSense® software on QNAP NAS for strengthened secure networking. The pfSense virtual machine for QNAP NAS can be downloaded from https://www.qnap.com/solution/pfsense/en/.

Personal Story - Aaron Keeling

Personal Story - Aaron Keeling

This week, we want to introduce our Marketing Manager and let him tell his story.

I grew up in Hoppers Crossing and attended Heathdale Christian College. I joined the debating team and soon began to take an interest in public speaking and writing. I was also heavily involved in my local church’s youth and children’s programs as a volunteer. And, in 2010 I did a week of work experience at Fairfax Newspaper which first started my desire to pursue a career in Journalism.

Windows 10 Ultimate Performance

Microsoft has released a new feature in Windows 10 to allow it to enhance its performance. This is basically an enhanced power plan that can boost performance. The power plan is named "Ultimate".

Who can benefit from it?

Gamers, high-end graphics designers or intensive users that just need a bit of an extra juice out of their PC. This is not recommended for laptops as it can drain the battery quite fast. 

How to enable this feature? Simply follow this link:


Intel Optane Memory

We love working with Intel and being part of its innovation. Check out the new Optane memory option that can reduce costs while providing you with a high read and write performance.

SSD storage is more expensive than the traditional storage, especially when we think about high capacities. Normally, we would install 240GB SSD to keep the ultimate performance, but when high capacity is the priority then this can really help as it gives us the option to deliver high performance together with high capacity in a small factor solution.

QNAP Enterprise NAS Supports Veritas Backup

QNAP Enterprise NAS Supports Veritas Backup

QNAP® Systems, Inc. has become a partner in the Veritas™ Technology Ecosystem. With in-depth cooperation, QNAP and Veritas provide a comprehensive storage solution tailored for the data and system backup needs of small and medium businesses. An all-in-one backup NAS appliance solution is also made possible for users to deploy and configure their backup infrastructure faster and easier, providing a higher-performance and highly-scalable backup storage for users running the Veritas Backup Exec solution on QNAP NAS.

We have partnered with Uniti

YMtech has recently partnered with Uniti Wireless to provide our remote clients with a better connectivity. The service is wireless and will allow great speeds and performance across various parts of Melbourne and surroundings. Different packages available.

See coverage areas:

Melbourne Coverage



As fast as fibre, yet as affordable as ADSL. Combine the delivery of smart, super-fast broadband that meets your needs at an affordable price, with a focus on bringing Communities together and you create Uniti. 

New wireless home solution: The AmpliFi HD

Check out the most recent Ubiquiti product and this time aimed for the residential market, the AmpliFi HD. It is more than a common home router: it’s the ultimate Wi-Fi system. With turbocharged 802.11ac Wi-Fi, AmpliFi utilizes multiple self-configuring radios and advanced antenna technology to bring ubiquitous Wi-Fi coverage to any home.


For more details, please follow this link.

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