Integromat - The glue of the internet

We live in the information era – “always online” is the reality. Business is now a part of this reality. We constantly use computers and mobile devices to stay connected. This gives us access to a vast amount of data, some of it is relevant to store and process, while the other disposable. We need to convert that data into information to make this a valuable process. Based on that process then, we can make business decisions, also known as “data-driven decisions”, get insights and analytics and eventually produce quality reports.

With the rise of cloud software and solutions also known as “SaaS – software as a service”, we can easily store, access and process our information but there is a new challenge: how can we manage all the different cloud software solutions centrally avoiding data corruptions, double-entry and synchronisation issues? Can one platform feed structured information into the other to create a seamless process? The answer is yes.

Integromat is a flexible platform that allows you to integrate 2 (or more) completely different SaaS platforms giving you the ability to create workflow and automation. Integromat has a wide range of modules in its repository. if the module you need on Integromat is not in their repository or the app is not listed at all, you can submit a request to integromat or contact us so we can develop it for you.

What is Integromat?

Another way would be to use the generic modules Integromat provides to overcome this obstacle. These modules are “HTTP, XML, JSON and Webhooks”. The good; these modules can send/receive data from pretty much any platform. The bad; setting up the modules accordingly can be a time-consuming task (not mentioning the advanced programming skills the users will need).

You do not necessarily need to be a developer to get the Integration you need. Saying that, if your process has more complexity, we would be happy to assist developing it for you. You can forget about learning complicated programming concepts. Much easier is to book a private session with us, tell us about your needs and let us take care of the rest.

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