Why does your business needs Penetration Testing

Nowadays, many companies have a network infrastructure and the internet has made it easy for attackers to engage with different companies around the world. Actually, there are various types of cyber attack and all of these attacks can damage a company in many ways, not only financially.

An organization’s brand, reputation and even intellectual property could be at risk as well.

That’s why it is recommended to perform a penetration testing to assess the security profile. It can help an enterprise build a more robust and reliable security posture. The purpose of penetration testing is to find vulnerabilities in an organisation and check whether an attacker will be able to exploit them to gain unauthorized access to an asset.

Potential benefits of a penetration testing include:

  • Identifying possible security holes before an attacker can gain access

  • Identifying possible vulnerabilities in a network or computer program

  • Providing information that can help security teams mitigate vulnerabilities and create a control mechanism for attacks.

As security develops, the attacking methods are improving as well so there is a process here that empowers itself. This is the reason why every organisation should think about security as a culture rather than a task.

Some penetration testing coupled with proper user training and education will yield the best results for the long run.