Microsoft Surface Technology

With Microsoft Surface taking over 16% of sales in the entire tablet technology market, there is little doubt that Microsoft’s tablet and laptop technology is here to stay. This series of touchscreen Windows personal computers has set the standard for high quality and feature packed laptop and tablets for varied personal and commercial uses.

Microsoft takes elements of portability and convenience and converts them into a physical solution that is ideal and fit for the modern day busy individual. Microsoft Surface technology is equipped with detachable keyboards and lightweight frames that make carrying them around and setting them up anywhere at any time as easy of a process as anything. With time, Microsoft has moved on from producing portable laptops to creating actual tabletop desktops that can be dismantled, stored and carried, and set up at any location for immediate use without any problem. Needless to say, Microsoft Surface tech is defining the present and the foreseeable future of portable technology and associated accessories.

Surface Family



The Surface Book goes above and beyond what the top laptops of this generation, such as Mac, have to offer by boosting up its battery life by 70%, adding features such as a touchscreen and biometric security, and all the while improving the overall resolution a quality of the system.

Equipped with the latest family of Intel Core processors, up to 17 hours of battery life, powerful dual GPU usable in laptop and tablet mode, a 267 PPI PixelSense razor-sharp resolution display, and a 13.5” and 15” screen, the Surface Book can be used in a variety of modes, ranging from a classic laptop with a keyboard and touchpad, a tablet mode by detaching the keyboard, an efficient studio mode with which Surface Dial and Pen can be used for creative purposes, to a stunning view mode ideal for displaying information presentations, or just sitting back and enjoying a show.


By far the most prolific best seller of the Microsoft Surface technology, the Surface Pro accounts for over 33.3% of all Surface sales. Microsoft Surface tech is equipped with the high-quality PixelSense display which makes for absolutely astonishing and stunningly clear viewing, adding up to an otherworldly experience. The laptop is supplemented with a kickstand and a Surface Pro Signature Type Cover to provide the complete personal computer experience.

The Surface Pro has the capability to be turned into a fully equipped and highly qualified studio whenever you need it. You can do so by simply unhinging and folding down the kickstand and adjusting it for the ideal angle for you to work with. With accessories such as the Pen Tip to complement the Surface Pro, Microsoft gives you the option to use Windows Ink and the Surface Pen to develop and innovate in your very own portable workstation.


The perfect balance of portability and performance. You don’t have to choose between power and travelling light. Starting at a weight of just 2.76 pounds, Surface Laptop gives you an ideal balance of both, plus all-day battery life — up to 14.5 hours.

The surface laptop vs the Surface Pro will give you a feeling of a full-size laptop so you don't have to compromise if the screen size is important for you.


Turn your desk into a Studio. Surface Studio is designed for the creative process. The 28” PixelSense™ Display gives you a huge canvas for all kinds of work. Use it upright, or draw on it like a drafting table. Surface Studio, with its strikingly large and incredibly thin Display, lets you visualise ideas as you paint, edit and design. Then watch those ideas leap off the screen with 13.5 million pixels of true-to-life colour and clarity. Surface Studio is a device created around you and your thoughtfully designed workspace. The minimal and modern design sits perfectly on your well thought out desk, with clean lines and a small footprint.

With such a wide choice of products and option, there is a solution for every user.