Online Integration & Automation Tools

With the advent in technology, there is little surprise in the fact that those in the industry who are adapting to it and integrating it in their workplaces and systems are seeing the most success as compared to their competitors. Automation has become such a game changer that 63% of the marketing companies who are outgrowing their competitors are doing so because of integrating automation tools into their processes. But while 71% of all companies in the industry have either already adopted automation technology or are looking to do so in the near future, over 61% of them have found it difficult to implement and maintain, the reason being that it is difficult to run these various tools in sync with each other.

As such, businesses have been moving away from the notion of performing all tasks and actions through these tools manually and are instead opting to turn towards the world of integration in automation.


Arguably the most innovative integration tool currently available in the market, Integromat sets the benchmark for process and system automation in any workplace or environment. Integromat is a platform that serves to act as a unifying force for all the other platforms or third-party online services a business is utilising for its functioning and processes and creates an automated flow of data and products through a chain of applications and services relevant to your organization.

Integromat allows you to create your own workflow through a series of applications without having to learn or execute a single line of code. Integromat understands that a team operating a business and trying to satisfy their customers has much more important things to cater to than coming up with complex code which is why the simplistic Developer App provided by Integromat allows you to creatively visualise your workflow by using simple formulae that you would normally use in Excel. In this environment, you will have the ability to create and run hundreds of predefined or new cases and automate these exceptions into your operations.



With Zapier, you can make workflows called Zaps by connecting applications and allowing them to communicate data with each other through the Zapier platform. You simply set triggers that would initiate a chain of reactions that would otherwise take plenty of unnecessary time and manpower to finish. Zapier supports multi-step Zaps as well to enhance your automation operations even further. The entire process can be carried out without having to enter or execute any code as the platform is largely intuitive and graphics based, allowing anyone and everyone in any business or industry to utilise it to automate their work environment. Not only does this promote efficient operation, but it also serves as a means of better and much thorough collaboration between the various departments working towards a common goal.



This is yet another automation tool which is simple to use and doesn’t require coding skills. It also works on the concept of trigger and result. Every action in IFTTT is called a recipe. IFTTT is probably the simplest tool to implement some automation for the consumer level.


With solutions such as Integromat, Zapier and IFTTT, your business can also go a step ahead of your competitors by adopting one of the best and latest automation trends to set you apart, improving efficiency and boosting productivity.

We use these tools to integrate different online platforms and bring solutions to our clients. Our goal is to provide as much automation as possible to make your valuable resources available for other work which is not repetitive. After all, this is what computers are for.  

To learn more about what we can deliver for you by using these tools, please contact us for more information.