Introducing the all-new QNAP TS-X77 series

This week, we've installed the new QNAP 8-Bay TS-877 model for our client in the sound industry. Here are a few reasons why we have chosen this specific solution for his network.

Powerful and capable appliance

The TS-877 has one of the most powerful CPU's on the market at the moment for the NAS category. It offers an option of AMD Ryzen™ 5 with 6 cores and 12 threat or the even more powerful option AMD Ryzen™ 7 with 8 cores and 16 threads. This will handle almost any task from running virtual machines and up to editing and streaming capabilities. For resource-demanding business applications such as VDI, R&D, private cloud, and server virtualization, the TS-877 with gold-standard performance is your ideal choice and with its RAM capacity of up to 64GB DDR4, it becomes a full powerhouse for every small-medium size business.

In our case, we have chosen the AMD Ryzen™ 5 with 32BG DDR RAM. Our requirements are to handle a database, terminal server and a few hosts. According to our tests, this model is capable of handling this load with more room to spare and further scaling options as described below.


Customisable and scalable

Just like any other QNAP, this model doesn't lack in its ability to scale with your business. First of all, you have the initial choice of 3 models: 6-bay, 8-bay and 12-bay. Then you can add extra m.2 SSD caching modules to speed up those hungry IO tasks, then you can add a different range of hard drive and go even further by adding a dedicated graphics card, faster network expansion card of up to 40GbE and even wireless functionality. 

We have chosen the 8-bay setup with an initial 4 hard drive configuration in RAID10 to allow redundancy, coupled with a 2 by 1TB Samsung SSD Pro In RAID1 to host our Server2016 virtual machines allowing redundancy here as well. Later, we also added a 256 m.2 SATA SSD caching module to improve even further the database read and write operations. We also had some basic need for editing and graphics software so we have added the GeForce GTX 1050 that will allow us a direct passthrough to the host through the Virtualisation Station. At this point, we do not need a special network expansion card as we can use the existing 4 LAN port and aggregate them for a fast enough link.

Out of the box features

The TS-877 provides great features out of the box, license free. Virtualisation station is where we can host our operating system and other required hosts, Qsync is our way to allow clients offline access to their files, backup station allows up to manage backups and run an offsite backup solution, a container station for further virtualisation solutions and the well known Qtier™ Technology which empowers automated-tiering storage solutions that automatically moves hot data to high-performance storage and cold data to lower-cost, higher-capacity drives, allowing businesses to enjoy exceptional application performance while utilising storage to its best.

As the unit offers a USB 3.1 functionality, this makes it a great solution for the on-site backup to an external drive at a very high speed. 

TS-877 Dashboard

Incredible Value

This is an incredible investment in the productivity and efficiency of your business, but more than that, it's retail operational value that sets it apart. The TS-877 can serve as a "network in a box" device, meaning it's all in one solution which is simple, affordable and easy to use. On top of that, it offers a great value with its free apps and features. So, QNAP TS-877 is much more than a typical NAS.

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