TEAMWORK: for you, your team & your business

When it comes to creating the optimal work environment for your business or agency, you must ensure that you employ a multitude of different tools to cover every single aspect of the operations of the workflow and keep all your employees on the same page as everyone else. With passing time, the technological assets have developed, and the business world has faced a lot of disruption from the IT department, being provoked to change and adapt to developing tools and technology that seems to be the next big thing in project management and relevant software. However, with so many tools put into place, it can become rather difficult to view everything under a cohesive light.

With a software platform like Teamwork, you can eliminate factors such as miscommunication and delays that often stem from seemingly disconnected and nonintegrated management tools. A streamlined management software that offers a wide variety of tools which allow for thorough communication between team members, provides constant visibility to clients regarding the status of their projects, and employs a ticketing system that is customizable and adjustable.

Teamwork Projects

Managing a team consisting of various personalities each of whom has different ideas and way of working is not an easy task. Particularly in the case that the size of the team is large or in the case that the group is segregated, you may run a huge risk of nonexistent synchronization and the project will end up all over the place. Teamwork Projects allows you to integrate this management software into your existing system over the cloud and use this platform to clearly lay out the details of a project and highlight its progress along the way. Since Projects will be accessible to everyone on the team on whatever devices they own and any location, it will promote flexibility, communication, collaboration, and organization.

Teamwork Projects have features like boards, portfolio, charts, reporting, risk register and many more to help you manage your projects in the most effiecent way. 

Teamwork Desk

One of the most critical parts of your entire work as a service provider is to ensure that your clients are always in the loop and receive the best possible services. With Teamwork’s Desk software, you can employ a much greater degree of collaboration through your design, development, and marketing teams as they manage customer emails from a single collaborative space and focus more on delivering constant and satisfactory updates and customer service to the clients of the business. Teamwork Desk also gives you invisibility, a feature that makes it appear as if you are delivering personal emails to your customer even though you are using a ticketing system. This helps to form a more personal connection with the client all the while maintaining your performance and efficiency.

Teamwork Chat

For constant and optimum collaboration between the team members, Teamwork Chat provides the ideal platform to keep in touch with each other and each other’s ideas. It works just like a chat would, allowing to send messages, mention team members, attach files, send pictures, and make decisions. Not only that but since Chat is integrated with Projects, you directly create tasks from chats and send them over to Projects to be completed after a discussion has been done. All in all, an incredibly convenient platform that not only forms a bridge between the members of a team but also gives direct access to the main software.

Teamwork Chat will also allow you the same level of communication with your clients which gives that extra bit of required communication and service level. Your clients will love the engagement.


YMtech is an IT service provider engaged with multiple clients from different industries, different requirements and different business models. We have always used systems to manage and track our projects, tasks and communications but we didn’t have one central solution that will allow the flexibility, availability and productivity. The result was mainly a lot of mess, miscommunication and a waste of the most valuable asset – time.

As we were exploring different options, we came across Teamwork Projects. From the beginning, it was a game changer for us. We could finally arrange all our clients providing them with a portal access, integrate with our existing online storage, upload all the files while having a high level of security and support on which I’d like to talk further.

Teamwork support is an example of how a customer support should look like. We have never waited longer than a couple of hours for a response, in most cases, it’s less than that. The support is fast, professional and organized, nothing gets left behind. So, when a business implements a new solution, a good support can be a deal breaker or a deal maker.

YMtech is using all 3 tools that Teamwork offers. We use projects to manage all our projects and on-going contracts, Desk for all the support tickets and communication with our clients and Chat for mainly internal team communication, it is much better than having emails back and forth.

The tools integrate quite well and really give you the feeling that you have an all in one command control that will give you a good reporting and business analysis.

As Teamwork offers an open API with Webhooks, we have created some custom functionality for our system to automate some of our everyday tasks. For example, we implemented an auto-tagging system that will auto-tag certain items in certain folders given some conditions are met. We also use the API to create reports about server availability and other required properties, so it is flexible and will allow you to get the most out of it. 

Teamwork can also integrate with some automation tools like Integromat and Zapier which can allow you to integrate your online platforms and take your automation to the next level.

After using Teamwork for the last 4 years, we are running more than 50 projects and we are not missing any tasks and our productivity is at its best.


Are you a business or an agency looking to optimize your operations with the help of Teamwork but don't know how to go about it? Get in touch with us and let us know your troubles - we would love to help you out and provide you with expert consultation and training on how to use this software and customize its function according to the needs of your business to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity.